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thai language courseThai Language for Beginner I
Study-time: Tuesday-Th
ursday 1000-1200 am.EVERY MONTH


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Thai language for Beginner I

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Entrance procedure
- Decide semester according to the yearly lesson schedule.
- You can apply just 4weeks or a half of the semester.
- Please complete entrance procedure until closing date of every month.
- You can change the date of placement test in case you live in overseas.
- Morning basic course open every month

How to apply
1. Visit our institute and fill up an application form, then pay the fee.
2. Send an application form by fax or e-mail, remit tuition fees to our bank account.

People of Republic of Korea can entry Thailand with ordinary passport and permitted to stay not exceeding 90 days with the exempt of Visa requirement

In case of intention to stay in Thailand exceeding 90 days, People of Republic of Korea can obtain a visa from a Royal Thai Embassy or a Royal Thai Consulate-General in your country.



How to Apply:

Download Application form or request at Cyes, fill in the application form, hand in the application form to Cyes and pay the fee.


May be cancelled if the applicants are less than 5 persons in each course. No refund except for course cancellation.

How to Contact us?

Tel: 02-276 3091
Fax: 02-276 3092
Email: cherawat@yahoo.com.



Non-immigrant Visa

o US 60$ for single entry
o US 150$ for multiple entries
o US 150$ for APEC multiple entries
o US 300$ for Three-year non-immigrant "B" for Business and Work

Tourist Visa
o US 30$ for entry

Transit Visa
o US 25$ for entry

(as of July 2,2007)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand


CYES 211/3-4 Rachadapisek Road, Suthisan Intersection (Near MRT Suthisan's station Exit 4) Tel (662) 276 3091 Fax: (662) 276 3092