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cyes pasa thai languageThai Language for Beginner I
Study-time: Tuesday-Th
ursday 1000-1200 am.EVERY MONTH


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Thai language for Beginner I

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Thai Regular Course

Thai Regular Courses are designed for Foreigners who are living in Bangkok and who live aboard. These Regular Courses are divided into 4 levels 240 hours in total.

o Thai language for Beginner I (60 hours)
o Thai language for Beginner II (60 hours)
o Thai language for Intermediate Learner (60 hours) - Read-Write
o Thai language for Advanced Learner (60 hours) - Read-Write

All lessons cover Thai language usage in daily life which has more than 2,000 vocabularies and is adequate for living in Thailand pleasantly.

Cyes Thai language for Beginner I (60 hours) SURVIVAL KIT

Course Syllabus Thai Language for Beginner I (listening, speaking)
- for basic communication to Thais
- for survival in Thailand
- to have fundamental before progressing to a higher level.
- To study:- greeting and basic courtesy, introduction, asking for personal and general data, asking for direction, telling numeric and time, about Thailand

How to Apply:

Download Application form or request at Cyes, fill in the application form, hand in the application form to Cyes and pay the fee.


May be cancelled if the applicants are less than 5 persons in each course. No refund except for course cancellation.

How to Contact us?

Tel: 02-276 3091
Fax: 02-276 3092
Email: cherawat@yahoo.com.


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