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Thai Language for Beginner I
Please enquiry.The class will open EVERY MONTH
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Thai language for Beginner I (Survival)
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classCyes, Thai language school which local foreigners recommend.
o Textbook and teaching materials which are tailored created especially for foreigners will facilitate to learn Thai language systematically and easy to memorize.
o Class taught by Thai nationality native speaker. The teacher will use Thai language as a primary language in class, with supplementing langauge tool. English language will be used as minimum to answer the question students might have.
o Courses provided are ranged from beginning level to advanced level.
o Easy to commute to the institute by underground system (get off at MRTLadprao) and then take taxi or bus to The mall bangkapi department store. We are on 8th floor.
o Each class will has 5-10 students or private lesson.
o Class open every month, there are evening class monday to friday 5-8 pm. or weekend saturday and sunday 1-4 pm.

thai_beginnerTo learn Thai language in Bangkok mostly use western Linguistic phonetics symbols representing the sound of Thai word and sentence which is unfamiliar and confusing to ordinary people. Making learning Thai language is difficult and boring. Cyes has expertise in teaching foreign language such as chinese, korean and japanese as a second language to Thai people. From that expertise we have firstly developed "teaching Thai language as a second language" materials for foreigners and has incorporate the Thai culture, and daily life situation into the lessons and make learning Thai language is fun and rewarding. This will make learner able to pronounce Thai correctly and able to converse with local Thai people in short times.

Cyes has created a Thai language for LearnersTextbook which has the explanation to the vocabulary and sentence in east asian languages and English and also the sound using karaoke style to ease the sound system in Thai language. The lessons include all Thai conversation in daily life intensively.




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